Construction (labor cost,) construction materials, school supplies, transportation, staff, land, furniture, the library, computers, etc., are expensive.


The Foundation would have to be rich as to be able to afford this project alone. It's a big project, and it will be impossible without your help.


Building a new institution with all modern amenities costs millions of dollars! And some school budgets are well in the millions, especially those with dormitories. In Haiti, fortunately, although location, size and amenities are major factors in determining the cost of a new community building, we will cut cost by the millions! But The HARWA School will have a Lower Level, a Middle Level and a Upper of Education system, with grades from 1-12. Therefore we estimate it to cost us approximately $2.5 million. We may be able to cut cost by taking over an older building and remodel it. Total cost for the entire project, including dormitory and cafeteria may be nearly $6,383,300.


This project, if worthy of any attention, may become possible only with our community’s collaboration and donation. However, if unable to donate, your monetary contribution is not necessary so long as you are able to assist in any alternative means to help us achieve this goal. Your contribution could also be relatively tangible. We would accept, but limited to, personal supplies, toiletries, detergent; and also school uniform, Kindles, computers and supplies, school uniform, sports uniform, land, school buses or other vehicles, school supplies, supplies for any of our subdivisions, mattress and sets of sheets, blankets, and bedding, etc.



Most non-profit organizations have deliberately or obtusely failed to succeed, not simply as result of a lack of patriotism or sincerity. Most organizers are inept in the domain of human affairs and thus unable to circumvent social adversities, but may still be eager to, and successful at, taking the lead in forming huge organizations ostensibly aiming at solving their community’s issues. But reasonable success has been non-existent. The most common problems is that most patriotic organizations are led by individuals with political spirit, tainted with feigning patriotism. They often think their erstwhile nemesis are no longer alive and that their successors are now somewhat harmonious. The clearest evidence may be seen in patriotic movements in the US from 1965 onward.


In Haiti, a slew of organizations or movements have been set forth ever since as early as 1803. The Battle of Vertières was a great example. Prior to 1803, due to the fact that iniquities and atrocities were primarily corporal rather than being simply mental, organizations’ endeavors flourished. Despite, from that time onward, Haitians people have been prone to disagree with each other as a result of massive subversion of their mental adroitness, in addition to “post-traumatic slave syndrome,” which still are the leading venom. Secondly, nowadays, organizations sought to fix the problems bit by bit (or their own oppressors’ ways,) which has hindered progress, since 1) They apparently ignore the magnitude of the mental impediments which exist 2) They seem unable to fathom the seriousness of the oppressors’ endeavors, which renders them to be thinking too ‘small.’


We understand the problem clearly, and the solution has been debated amongst world toughest minds: that the mental preparation of the people, if any, has not been effective, since, despite Maafa, our society has remained divided and shattered. Therefore, as an effort to properly educate and rehabilitate the young to avert further social maladies, we must first forbid or discourage continuous exposure to the common causes of oppression. Children in a corrupt society will be corrupt, and the cycle continues repetitively unless the next generation is properly tutored. People often wonder why our governments are corrupt but ignore the fact our government officials were once young, being trained, one way or another, to be who they are today. 


Primarily, organizations failed as a result of a lack of funding! This shouldn’t be the case, since our people spent billions of dollars worldwide on vanities last year. We figured, if each compatriots in the US, Canada, and Europe alone donates $1 per month for three years, Haiti’s problems would cease to exist. And if they chose to invest in Haiti in lieu of in other countries, also, our problems would be history.

Every single penny you donate goes straight into helping the community

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