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The Grand’Anse Diaspora Center

                          “Since we are a not-for-profit organization providing free assistance in education and                              social development in the entire Department of Grand'Anse, when

                           you invest with us you're simultaneously investing in our people! And, since you can                               invest as low as $20 USD, you will still have plenty left to pay your bills while your                                    money is growing here!”                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                 Georges Gabrielle Paul, President




Here at the Julia & Jade Foundation, we strongly believe our nation’s future is hopeless without the collaboration and contribution of our honest and conscientious community.

Our motto is “Let’s fix our Grand’Anse together,” so that someday we can all reminisce, live or retire at home—that way our kids will have a place stay, which they can call home. But we must act now, or it'll soon be too late! At least, we now have friends and families on the ground whom we can trust, instead of entrusting our souls into the hands of a government or some well-planned hoax.

But most of our constituents are praying that, someday, there will be some “Act of God,” whereby some friendly and omnipotent human being will come and take the initiative to develop our communities for us. However, unless we wake up and smell the coffee, we will continue to see our people being forced to leave their homeland (and emigrating elsewhere permanently.) And, because of the misfortunes they had experienced back home, once somewhere else, they will assimilate in a heartbeat and ignore their homeland. ​

Despite the abovementioned considerations, the Department of Grand’Anse, with her charming and relaxed cities and many natural attractions, is one of those remote places almost far removed from the national management agenda. However, regardless of the critical mismanagement of the country as a whole, due to its topographic arrangements, the Grand'Anse's reputation remains “the most spectacular mountain and whitest sandy beach views, the greenest and most lush” corner of the country."

In addition to being significantly rich in culture, the Grand’Anse-born diaspora knows the region is heavily agricultural, and the fertile mountains produce delicious mangoes, avocados, watercress, corn, beans, sugarcane, peanuts, pistachios, spinach, plantains/bananas, coffee, cacao, mahogany nuts,  cassava, sweet potato, millet, pigeon peas, rice, sorghum, and wood.

Most of Grand’Anse have a culture which have not yet been tainted by external influences. We can now seize this opportunity to educate the young so they can continue to build the area when we leave. Therefore, we must act now, to build it to our liking through our collaborative efforts—to improve agriculture, infrastructure, trade and commerce, to implement an effective education system, to implement effective social justice systems, to enhance our culture and tourism, and to manage many other sectors within the Grand’Anse. We seek to work in all the Arrondissements and Communes:  



Arrondissement of Anse d'Hainault



Les Irois

Arrondissement of Corail





Arrondissement of Jérémie









The Foundation wishes to fulfill its responsibilities in all sectors of society, including:

1. Agriculture

2. Arts & Culture

3. Defense  

4. Education

5. Health

6. Information & Communication

7. Justice

8. Science & Technology

9. Trade &Commerce


Real Estates and Agricultural Investments

We understand it is hard and risky for our brothers and sisters to invest in their community while living abroad. It is hard to trust friends and family members whom they've left behind to manage their assets and investments. We seek to assist those individuals with their purchases, management, and other related transactions, as well as making sure their properties are safe and secure while living abroad.

Please click here to visit our Agricultural Investment Center.

What Happens If The Haitian Diaspora Does Not Want To Stand With Us? 

The Julia & Jade Foundation is determined to develop the entire Grand'Anse region at a rapid pace, since our entire country at a stage of social emergency, i.e, despair, domestic violence, hopelessness, mis-education or non-education, and a host of other critical conditions. There is plethora of amoral and malignant international organizations that are apathetic to our people’s interests, and are currently doing much harm, and will continue to campaign for other organizations and mobs to do the same. Haitian laws are in their pockets, and they will never empathize, since it's not in their nature to do so.

Every developed nation, industrially or culturally, has a national management system congruent with its own endeavors and development, whether it be education, media, government, or local fraternity, etc. And our people have what it takes for us to do the same. We simply have to keep in mind that: Out of all Haitian diaspora (living in North America, Europe, Latin American, etc.,) if only 50% of them invests or donate $1 per month to a Haitian patriotic organization which is working diligently to promote self-reliance in Haiti, all Haitians living abroad will have a place to call home in less than 5 years. 

Please click here to access our Agricultural Investment Center.