The Julia & Jade Foundation was founded by Georges Gabrielle Paul in October of 2015. She was always involved in her community at a very young age. In her church, at the age of 14, she was in charge of the communication department in the Pastoral of Youth, where she helped and tutored hundreds of children. Later on, at 17, she was a co-host at a radio show known as "la Parole aux Jeunes" (Words of the Youth.) Through that show, she had her first contract with a major international organization in Haiti to interview and compile reports on individuals living with HIV in Grand’Anse.

At 23, Georges Gabrielle Paul accepted a position with the United Nations Stabilization in HAITI (MINUSTAH,) performing various humanitarian works, and stayed there for 10 years. Then, she went on to establish the Julia & Jade Foundation to help build her community (Grand'Anse.)

The foundation wishes to build a leading exemplar city (not a copycat of so-called modern civilizations, but rather something congruent with our people's psychology, lifestyles and needs,) which has all it requires for self-reliance and sustainability, i.e., infrastructure, proper education, a strong economy, cultural and agricultural research programs, a Grand’Anse dispora co-operation center, and many other functions. We are currently involved in two different localities: Croix Cherie and GomaKhan. GomaKhan is the furthest community and not yet readily accessible to cars.  Although only approximately 45 miles from the city of Jeremie, due to a lack roads, it is about 1 1/2 hour motorcycle ride and then a 4 to 5 hours walk depending on who is doing the walking. GomaKhan is the new name of that area so you will not see it on Google; you will most likely find Fond Cochon. It is a very rich and agrarian community, with a hard-working people waiting for perpetual development.

"The next area, Croix Cherie, is much closer to the city of Jeremie. It is about a 30 minute drive on dirt road. This is the area where we are first experimenting on the educational program, a centre is being built there to accommodate approximately 60 children. We are expecting its completion by April 2018. This locality has a population just under 3000 citizens, through their unity and hard word they carved out a road which facilitated the building of the educational centre. Mr. Valme Oriol and the committee have been overseeing the project and they are dedicated to development of their community."

According to our database, well over 10,000 people have already benefited from food, education, and agricultural assistance we provide, but approximately 20,000 more are waiting to be served.  

The Foundation focuses in 9 categories:

1. Agriculture, 2. Arts & Culture, 3. Defense and Sports 4. Education 5. Health 6. Information 7. Justice 8. Science & Technology 9.Trade & Commerce

Similar to France, Haiti is divided into what is known as Departments. For purposes of local government administration, each department is subdivided into Arrondissements, and then Communes. 

Please remember. We understand and respect your ideas, but understand that our people especially in these far remote localities of the Department of Grand’Anse are not as informed, and are unaware of the new ideas shared worldwide through news channels, advanced technology, and other media outlets entertained in mostly industrialized societies. Therefore, empathy, patience and dialogue are advised.

Thank you so much for your attention.

President's Statement

   Georges Gabrielle PAUL