The HARWA School program at the Julia & Jade Foundation is a tuition-free nonprofit institution. The prospective sought-after pupils are recruited throughout the Grand'Anse, mainly in areas where schools are scarce or nonexistent. They must show eagerness to learn, and must be of good moral character. They must take an entrance examination, a psychological examination as well as a background investigation. However, non-Grand'Anse residents who seek to personally enroll to HARWA pay the full tuition as shown below.


Tuition includes, if applicable, trips to assigned field trips (museums, forts, dungeons, picnics, botanic gardens, lab, technology, etc.) It also includes uniform, technology, pens, pencils, notebooks, High-speed Wi-Fi, and registration.

It does not include a tablets, which may be purchased at the library, trip to foreign countries or other parts of South America, or room and board.

All pupils staying on dormitories must leave the campus during vacation periods.

NOTE: For safety and wellness purposes the school will provide babysitters for pupils in levels 1-6; and tutors will be on site to encourage them to do homework assignments. Additional fee may apply to parents who wish to do so. Likewise, fully organic Haitian meals are served at the cafeteria three times daily, in addition to evening snacks at muster. It is all inclusive. 

The dormitory will fully gated, and secured 24/7 by on-site off-duty police officers, remote CCTV and alarms.

All pupils are accounted for upon morning and evening musters. Free of charge.